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Welcome to the Wicked Magik

Phenomenal Debut

"There's no relationship angst here; no Darcy/Elizabeth spatting or Jane/Rochester secrets to dig up. The point of contention throughout this story truly is the murder mystery and Bex's safety. Not to say that the relationship is secondary, because it isn't; however rather than being a source of conflict for our protagonists, it's the thread that binds everything together."

An Intriguing And Satisfying Debut

"Narratively speaking, the way in which Bellrae utilizes multiple points of view (Bexley, Jai, Detective Bishop, the killer) feels particularly crucial to the story and gives the reader a more well-rounded plot than had it been single or dual POV."

Spice, Suspense, And Twisty Goodness!

"My mind is blown. For a debut author, Bellrae hit every note for me. The intrigue, the spice, the twistiness. I was completely wrapped up into this world that has been created for us."

All About

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He Who Haunts Me

Playlist, Mood Board, Characters, and More

Hallows' Eve Hookups Novella Series

Playlists, Mood Boards, Characters, and More


Dead Man's Wish

Playlists, Mood Boards, Characters, and More

Voracious Valentines Novella Series

Playlist, Mood Board, Characters, and More

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